Poshmark Shipping & Packaging 101

Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Flat Lay


Shipping can be complicated, stressful, and expensive; but Poshmark takes all the work out of it.

As soon as an item sells, Poshmark emails you a pre-paid shipping label. I prefer to print directly from my phone. If you’re on mobile, access it under the sold listing in the “My Sales” tab. Click “Download Shipping Label” and it will direct you to your phone’s web browser to print.

There are only 2 rules you have to follow:

1. The postage only covers 5 lbs.

But don’t fret – I’ve shipped 4 blouses in a single box, and it weighed approximately 2 lbs.

What if your package exceeds 5 lbs?

Find the “Need New Shipping Label” button within your app, under the “My Sales” tab. Select “Need Heavier Weight Label” and follow the instructions.

If you’re serious about thrift flipping, consider purchasing a scale. You’ll never win with guess-work. TRUST ME.

2. Use regular Priority Mail boxes.

Regular Priority vs Flat Rate

You may also use any ‘ole brown box, but listen…the priority boxes are free. Pick up a few at your post office, order them online, whatever floats your boat!

Most importantly, use the regular Priority Mail boxes. Do not use Flat Rate, Express, or Regional.

Pay attention.

If you use these, your customer will be charged extra upon receiving their purchase. After paying $6 for shipping, they will be very upset.

I don’t mean to be harsh; I wanna help ya out, girl.

Let me make it easy for you:

  • You want these envelopes. They rock for individual items.
  • Want something more sturdy for one item? This is a good box size.
  • And lastly, I use this box for bundles. It comfortably ships 3.

If it fits, it ships!


somethinggood and everydayemelie Packaging

If you’re like my PFF Chrissy or me, your packages barely fit in the box!

I wrap mine in tissue paper, then brown paper, and finish off with twine and handmade tassels. It’s like a layered cake, y’all.

Packaging is the backbone of every Posher’s Pinterest, and there’s a #poshpackages hashtag too!

It’s easy to get carried away, so I want to introduce some practicality before you sprint off to Hobby Lobby and Target…

1. How much time can you devote to packaging every sale?

For the first 5 sales, you won’t mind spending an hour per package. But let’s be realistic…it won’t last long.

You have a life, girl! So keep it simple.

Opt for a patterned wrapping paper instead of stamping your own. Don’t feel pressured to handmake your cards unless you want to!

2. Costs (Yeah, I went there!)

A basket of cards and twine from the dollar section doesn’t seem costly at first, but it adds up. Don’t let your adorable wrapping eat up your profit.

Package your sales similarly, so you’re reusing supplies. Try to buy in bulk or find a more affordable option.

Poshmark Shipping & Packaging 101

E.g., I love craft paper, but I don’t want to pay $3.99 for yardage that will only wrap 6 sales.

Instead, I buy “Brown Builder’s Paper” from Home Depot. I spent $10, but I’ve used it 15+ times andhave tons left.

Find what works for you!

Presentation is everything, and if you put a little thought into packaging, you will make a beautiful first impression.

Just make sure it’s not in a flat rate box… 😉

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