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Mise en Place

Take a walk around the block within the Poshmark community, and you’ll notice lots of talk about scheduling.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a handy guide on How to Create a Highly Productive Poshmark Schedule. But, I’ll be the first to admit step-by-step instructions aren’t too sexy.

That’s why I’d like to welcome Camilla of @KafeteriaFood! This California girl has agreed to let me interview her about her part-time Poshmark schedule.

Warning: she’s pretty rad.

If you’re interested in a copy of her schedule, you can download it here or further down in the post.

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Emelie: Hey, Camilla! Before we talk Poshmark, would you take us back to why you started Poshing?

Camilla: I put up my first listing on May 31st, 2017. I was just going through my clothes in preparation to move and hopefully declutter. My first week on Poshmark blew my mind! I quickly started putting up more listings because I loved the excitement of making sales.

From there I started researching Poshmark and found this entire world of reselling. My second week, I hit the bins! It’s been an on-going thing since then.

It was kind of a match made in heaven because I was moving and leaving my job as Pastry Chef. I picked up a job serving tables at a local saloon in town, and then Poshmark happened.

Emelie: Are you for real? That wasn’t very long ago! You’re kicking butt! Which seems to be a pattern cause you were on Food Network this past week too, right?!

camilla on the food network

Camilla: Yes, I am a formally trained chef. I went to culinary school and studied culinary arts, not baking and pastry. I didn’t major in baking and pastry because there aren’t many jobs available as a pastry chef. But about a year before I graduated, I found a job as a pastry chef.

Previously, I worked at a well-known restaurant in Southern California. I was asked to do a demonstration on the Food Network’s “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Emelie: That’s so cool! I imagine your career inspired the Closet handle, Kafeteria Food? It’s my favorite Closet name to date…

Camilla: Haha! Thank you! When I was little, I wanted to open a fancy restaurant and name it something silly like Cafeteria, but someone in NYC beat me to it.

Emelie: They suck! You were Kafeteria before it was cool.

What’s the key to balancing your restaurant schedule with reselling on Poshmark?

Camilla: Since trading the chef life for the server life, it’s been easy. My focus is Poshmark until I clock in for work. Once I am on the clock, I focus on my customers at the restaurant. When I clock out, I am back to my Posh life.

I use to work in a predominately male industry. But now, on Poshmark, it is such an incredible feeling to be on a platform that is mostly strong and independent females – it’s a breath of fresh air and feels so empowering.

Serving tables and being my own boss on Poshmark has taken away so much stress.

Camilla's Part Time Poshmark Schedule

Emelie: I read an article a couple of weeks ago about perks of side hustles. One was the fact it gives you an area of freedom to be your own boss, so you feel less stressed when you’re at your “real” job.

I noticed you establish daily goals for yourself, one of which includes feeding the cat! What are other goals you try to accomplish? And please tell me your cat gets fed…

Camilla: My cat gets fed. *laughs*

My goals are to self-share, share others, and list! If it’s not listed, it can’t sell! Although, since my life is in boxes, I haven’t been able to list as much as I would like.

Emelie: Ugh. Moving. You told me you moved to “nowhere.” How’s thrifting there?

Camilla: Did you know they offer cruises to nowhere?!

Emelie: Like, to your “nowhere” or… literally nowhere?

Camilla: Royal Caribbean offers cruises to nowhere. They just sit out in the middle of the sea for a day or two and then go back to the port! I’m like, “Whaaaaat?”

Yes, I already live outside the city, but I am moving to “nowhere.”

There are a lot of local weird and funky vintage stores. But I prefer to source at the goodwill bins; I drive about 1.5 hours each way.

I spend 4 hours at the bins. I put on some head phones, listen to True Crime podcasts, and try to avoid touching any unwanted underwear.

download banner - part-time poshmark schedule by kafeteriafood

Emelie: I deeply relate! I travel a similar distance to source. Listing is essential, but you need inventory to do that!

Camilla: Why is there always some nasty underwear there?

Emelie: Oh my gosh! I talked to someone who thrifted a pair of Tommy Hilfiger swimming trunks, only to find poop stains in them when she got home.

Camilla: *laughs* Horror stories!

Emelie: Besides the obvious avoid-nasty-underwear game plan, what are your favorite Poshmark strategies right now?

Camilla: Don’t be greedy! I feel like I’ve had great success thus far because I am willing to let go of items. My approach is to make a fast nickel rather than a slow dime.

If I put an item up for $29 and I purchased it for about 75 cents, why wouldn’t I let go of it for a 3,000% return?

I don’t care if I get my full asking price. I just want to flip it, and it get it out of my house.

Emelie: I love that you mention that. Every business is as unique and the Posher. I know I’m more of a slow dime kind of seller!

If you could advise a part time Posher with another job, what would it be?

Mise en Place

Camilla: I am going to take it old school and bring in my culinary background. My advice to part-time poshers is “Mise en Place,” French for “putting in place.”

In the kitchen, and in my life it means that everything has its place. All chefs use this term, to stay focused and stay organized. Poshers should use it too.

Emelie: Too beautiful. It should be on Pinterest.

Camilla: It probably is!

Emelie: Oh! Before you go, I noticed you mentioned Netflix 4 times in your daily schedule you sent me! What are you watching on Netflix now?

Camilla: I watch lots of stand up comedy and Friends. I put on Friends in the background while I am working because I’m familiar with the show. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything important when my eyes aren’t on the screen.


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  1. Jenn August 10, 2017 @ 5:16 pm

    She sounds so fun! I love her philosophy too. I need to learn about living the fast nickel versus a slow dime! Sometimes that’s better!

    • emelie August 13, 2017 @ 9:14 pm

      Hey, Jenn! Can’t wait to have yours up next. Working on it in a couple minutes, actually. Camilla is fun! But I gotta say, I’m definitely a slow dollar kinda gal. 😉

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