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Hey, girl. I see you working hard. Mad respect to ya.

I have a few questions for you…

Are you working efficiently? Do you have a marketing strategy? How are your sales?

Maybe you have general questions, need a listening ear, or someone to guide you through your inventory/sales spreadsheet.

I’m your girl.

I’m passionate about marketing, branding, analytics, and how to apply aaaaaallll these topics to your e-commerce business.

I’m happy to discuss whatever subject you want. Scroll down to see a list of suggested conversation points, or bring on some new ones!

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Talking points I’ve helped address:

Closet Analysis (available via email for $25)
Think of this as a routine check-up with your doctor. Because no matter how slammin’ your Closet is, it can always be better. I will work with you to develop steps to improve and level up your Posh game.
There’s no copy and paste business strategy. Every business is different, as is the time you have to dedicate to it. I will help you develop a step-by-step plan with your available time and resources.

There’s inventory all over your living room floor, and you can’t remember how much you initially paid for the item you sold this morning. I will help you simplify, organize, and while we’re on the phone…please tidy up your living room.
Instead of cross-posting your content across multiple platforms, I will help you pick the social media best fit for your brand. We will increase the quality of your content, streamline your routine, and leave you with a brand that feels professional and trustworthy.

How it works:

1. Schedule a 1 hr call.
Tell me your availability and I’ll pick a time.
2. Pay for it.
Send $50 via Paypal to emeliesanders@gmail.com

3. We discuss.
Let’s get to work!
4. We keep in touch.
I won’t leave you hanging. I want to see you grow. If another subject comes up, you can schedule another call.

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JaimeeShe was so helpful … on Poshmark. She works hard at her own Closet, but wants others to succeed too! From personal messages to her awesome newsletter and website, she’s the real deal. —Jaimee, @jmebackstrom

MelissaI … tried selling on Poshmark – unsuccessfully – a few years back, but had been thinking about trying to sell my clothes on the site again. Emelie … helped me to understand how Poshmark works, [and] how to get attention to your closet. I’ve been selling for a couple of weeks and have made a few sales! —Melissa, @faded_pebbles

AbbieI … asked so many questions since starting my Poshmark journey. She has always been there to answer my questions or help me with concerns. I love following her on Instagram and learning how she is successful. She truly is an amazing person! —Abbie, @abbstergator

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